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It's every child's dream - to finally grow up and do just what the grown-ups do. An important step along the way is using the toilet independently, not least so as to finally get rid of those irritating nappies and to be able to move around freely. Do it through play with the BIG-Baby-Loo. It's easy to use the ergonomically shaped toilet trainer with all normal toilet bowls with a maximum width of 35 cm. Because the BIG-Baby-Loo covers the whole toilet seat, it is especially hygienic to use. And anti-slip feet on the underside ensure that it is held securely in place. And if it takes that little bit longer, no problem: the clever designers at BIG have shaped the new seat to be ergonomically suitable for children and equipped it with a comfortable backrest. And the design of the BIG Baby Loo is completely unique, because it looks just like a favourite children's toy – the BIG Bobby Car. So youngsters won't need any encouragement to test it out! With an anti-spray feature built in as standard there's nothing that can go wrong. The BIG-Baby-Loo is made in Germany from high quality plastic and is easy and hygienic to clean. Just like its big brother, the BIG Bobby Car, it is guaranteed a long lifetime. The BIG-Baby-Loo is suitable for use by children aged 18 month and over.
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Le BIG-BABY-POTTY à l’image du BIG-NEW-BOBBY-CAR combine confort maximal et activités ludiques: assise ergonomique avec protection intégrée contre les éclaboussures, dossier élevé avec poignée pratique, retrait possible du pot pour le vider aisément, volant amovible avec avertisseur sonore.
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The BIG Baby Step is the ideal step stool for all children above the age of 18 months. It is lightweight and thus perfect to be carried and positioned wherever it is needed to reach things. Thanks to its double step and overall height of 21 cm, the step stool can be used by children to reach the toilet and washbasin or to help their parents prepare a meal. The step stool gives children the freedom to learn for themselves, which is important to all areas of their development.
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BIG-BABY-SPLASH, le lavabo rouge vif pour enfants, est idéal pour apprendre les gestes de l’hygiène quotidienne. Ses pinces réglables permettent de le fixer sur toutes les baignoires dont la paroi extérieure mesure 36 à 95 mm d’épaisseur. Avec écoulement pour l’eau, miroir rabattable, gobelet pour se rincer la bouche et logement pour la brosse à dents.
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