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BIG-Jim Loader + Trailer

The BIG-Jim-Loader + trailer is the perfect tractor for children from the age of 3 years and guarantees tremendous play value. This robust tractor is equipped with a dust and dirt protected precision chain drive with an eccentric for easy retightening of the chain and a high-quality pinion steering system for simple, stepless steering - all of which guarantees incredible play value. Children will love the loading shovel which has a capacity of 3 kg and can easily be moved up and down, as well as forwards and backwards. The BIG-Trailer features an impressively large loading area. There's plenty of room in the sturdy trailer for all those little building materials. Other extras include the particularly easy-grip steering wheel and a seat with 3 different height settings which can be adjusted to the size of the child without the need for an adjustment tool.   Made in: Germany
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The BIG-John-XL-Loader in green guarantees an action-packed playtime! What makes this tractor particularly cool is its exceptionally stunning design and its many different functions. The engine hood of this robust tractor can be easily opened so that little drivers can carry out their imaginary repairs. The adjustable seat, highly manoeuvrable loading shovel and a rollbar are all included as standard.  The BIG-John-XL-Loader is equipped as standard with tread rings for low driving noise and exceptional grip. The eccentric integrated in the chain case makes it easy to retighten the chain. The high-quality, smooth-running pinion steering wheel and the dust and dirt protected precision chain drive make driving the BIG-John-XL-Loader child's play. Other extras include the particularly easy-grip steering wheel and a seat with 3 different height settings which can be adjusted to the size of the child without the need for an adjustment tool.  
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BIG-Tractor Sound-Wheel

There is hardly anything more fascinating for children than the world of grown-ups. This is why young tractor fans aged three and upwards will be thrilled by the BIG Tractor Sound Wheel with eight original sounds, which offers so much play appeal. The splash-proof BIG Tractor Sound Wheel is the perfect addition to the BIG children’s tractors and all the BIG Bobby Cars since 2010. It can be attached instead of the standard steering wheel with a just a few simple operations. Eight different, authentic engine and farm sounds make play even more realistic and so tremendous fun. Children can choose between starter motor, engine sound at a faster or slower speed, horn, hydraulics, windscreen wipers, hazard lights and animal sounds. Child-friendly motifs such as a tortoise for slow driving or a hare for fast driving make the choice, literally, child’s play. Pressing the buttons with animal heads produces the sounds of a hen, cow or pig.   3 x AAA LR3 - included
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CLAAS Celtis Loader + Trailer

In collaboration with one of the biggest names in agricultural engineering, BIG has developed the CLAAS Celtis Loader + Trailer – a robust set, which offers everything a little farmer could dream of! For many years the world-famous CLAAS brand has been famous for agricultural machines which feature outstanding performance, quality and exceptional design. The CLAAS Celtis Loader from BIG is a robust children's tractor for all those budding little farmers. The aerodynamic engine hood and bodywork are based on the original CLAAS Celtis model. Just like all BIG tractors, this new model is equipped with a precision chain drive which ensures easy pedalling and the tried and tested BIG pinion steering system ensures a small turning circle and safe driving. With 3 separate settings, the seat with elevated backrest can be easily adjusted to suit the size of the child. The integrated eccentric enables the chain to be easily tightened. The specification which includes two trailer couplings and a highly manoeuvrable loading shovel, offers tractor drivers from the age of 3 years even more playtime fun. The BIG-Trailer has an impressively large loading area. There's plenty of room in this robust trailer for transporting all kinds of small cargo.   Copyright: Hergestellt unter Lizenz der CLAAS KGaA mbH
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Eicher Diesel ED 16

Working closely with the Friends of Eicher and paying great attention to detail, BIG has developed the Eicher Diesel ED 16. As a cute toy vehicle for children aged 3 and above or a collector's item this tractor will captivate its owners. Its design is equal to the original in every way. And in terms of its features, the Eicher Diesel ED 16 will also enchant every child. The series integrated precision chain drive, pinion steering and child-friendly pedals ensure high levels of comfort when driving. The seat is adjustable to 3 different heights allowing it to be adapted to the size of the child riding on it. Thus the tractor "grows" with the child and can be used for a long time. Naturally, like all BIG tractors, the Eicher Diesel ED 16 is made of high-quality plastic and GS certified. The BIG quality passport and the BIG 3-year guarantee vouch for proven quality from BIG.* Information on the BIG guarantee can be found at http//  
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Fendt Carrier Plate

This lovingly designed vintage tractor from BIG is a real highlight for fans of the Fendt GT. Great attention has been paid to the details that echo the character of the original vehicle. The tractor is suitable for children aged 3 years and over. The tool carrier is a special front-end loader with the bed in front of the driver's seat. It can be tilted and all the tailboards can be folded down and closed. There is lots of room for small and large items on the big bed. Due to the integrated precision chain drive only a small amount of effort is required to drive the tractor and it is therefore ideal for small children. Child-friendly pedals ensure maximum and safe driving fun. The pinion steering enables simple and unrestricted manoeuvring of the tractor. Moreover, the integrated eccentric hub allows you to easily tension the chain should it become slack. To ensure children can enjoy the tractor for as long as possible, the seat is adjustable to three different heights allowing it to be adapted to the size of the child riding on it. A trailer coupling at the front and rear simply add to the play-enhancing features.     Copyright: AGCO GmbH Made in: Germany
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Porsche Diesel Junior

With the Porsche Diesel Junior for children from the age of 3 years, BIG has set a new standard in the children's pedal tractor market. This classic model has been lovingly and authentically adapted in detail to create a children's pedal tractor with all the technical refinements. As standard, the Porsche Diesel Junior from BIG features a dust and dirt protected precision chain drive, high-quality BIG pinion steering system, an adjustable seat and two trailer couplings. This little tractor with its cute engine hood, side-mounted headlamps and mud guards is sure to be a big hit with kids.   Copyright: Hergestellt mit Zustimmung der Dr. Ing. h. c. F. Porsche AG
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Linde Forklift

This children's forklift truck based on the original design of the Linde 394 series will delight all kids and not just those little warehouse workers. This robust forklift truck offers a wealth of playtime possibilities. The pallet fork can be moved forwards and backwards, as well as up and down. This forklift truck comes with its own pallet to ensure all those little pieces of cargo can be quickly transported to the desired storage location. This ingenious truck allows children from the age of 3 years to practise a whole variety of different movement sequences as well as their dexterity skills. To ensure hours of playtime fun, the comfortable seat can be adjusted to suit the size of the child without the need for any adjustment tool. BIG pedal vehicles are equipped with non-slip, child-friendly pedals and a high-quality precision chain drive to make driving child's play. The chain on this children's vehicle can be quickly retightened by means of the integrated eccentric.   Copyright: Hergestellt unter Linzenz der Linde AG
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