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Roar! No it is time to go wild on playgrounds and in playrooms, as the BIG New Bobby Car Panther allows children aged 12 months and over to go on adventurous expeditions in the world of the big ones. The high-quality vehicle with an animal look and numerous fun-packed features will enchant you from the moment you set eyes on it. Stylish anthracite combined with fantastic silver grey and the illuminated blue eyes of the small panther.

Since 2004 the BIG-New-Bobby-Car has been a great addition to the BIG product range. Featuring streamlined 21st Century design and a car body which has been specially designed to meet the needs of kids, as well as extras offering tremendous play value, the BIG-New-Bobby-Car is the perfect vehicle for youngsters. The new model has also retained and improved all the essential features of the classic model such as the shape which encourages healthy development, the leg rest and the knee recess for older children.

As standard, the BIG New Bobby Car is equipped with an ergonomic steering wheel with a wide grip surface and high quality whisper tyres to ensure excellent road holding and low driving noise. A secret compartment is hidden behind the speedometer for storing those precious little treasures! Innovative wheel rims and hub caps, along with contemporary graphics, provide the perfect finishing touches.

  • Dimensions assembled (L x W x H): 57 x 30 x 39 cm
  • BIG-New-Bobby-Car with remarkable panther sticker design
  • Blow-moulded body made of durable and weather-resistant plastic material
  • Broad whisper wheels for quiet driving noise
  • Handy steering wheel with mechanical horn
  • Integrated secret compartment for BIG accessories
  • Ergonomic seat with safety knee room for taller children
  • Towing device in the front and coupling device eye at the back

BIG-New-Bobby-Car Panther

  • Article number: 800056159
  • Age recommendation: 1 - 5 years
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