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BIG-Bobby-Bob Wild Spider

From Winter 2009 onwards, it's going to be incredibly cool on the snow slopes. That's because the BIG-Bobby-Bob Wild Spider in stylish black with awesome bright green stickers will be under starter's orders. Perfect ergonomics and a child-friendly design, combined with the very latest style features are guaranteed to make the BIG-Bobby-Bob Wild Spider a huge star on all mogul pistes and sledging slopes. What makes this high-quality "snow mobile" manufactured from cold-resistant and UV-resistant plastic really impressive is its many exciting features which offer tremendous play value. The superior suspension in the steering axle smooths out unevenness. The integrated horn in the ergonomically profiled handlebars provides additional safety. Rustproof, removable metal runners ensure track stability and protect against wear. Just like the BIG-Bobby-Car, the BIG-Bobby-Bob has a knee recess which in addition to the normal sitting position, allows other driving positions to be adopted when little drivers depart on their exciting journey.  
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Measuring almost a metre long and 53 cm wide, the new BIG-Snow-Carver (comfort) offers maximum levels of fun when sledging to all snow sports enthusiasts aged 5 and above. With its optimised carving profile, it can be easily steered by shifting your weight making your descent particularly exciting. Maximum safety is provided with handles on each side for stopping and braking. If you operate just one of the brake levers, you can guide the sledge into sharp curves or elongated arcs. The cold-resistant plastic ensures the BIG-Snow-Carver-Comfort's excellent durablity down to – 20 °C. The sledge also has a long rope with which to pull it back up to the top of the slope. Its robust construction allows loads of up to 60 kg.
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The new BIG-Snow-Speedy guarantees fun and speed in the snow for all sledging enthusiasts aged 6 and above. Its modern colours and innovative, ergonomic design ensure that it is a real eye-catcher on the slopes. The mini bobsled can be directed in the desired direction just by shifting your weight. BIG-Snow-Speedy's special grooved profile ensures it will slide quickly and easily over snow and ice. The two large handles and an anatomically shaped seat ensure that the driver has a secure grip on the sledge.  At the front there is also a ring through which a towing rope can be easily attached. Allowing you to pull the sledge back up the hill after an exhilarating ride down. Weighing only 1800g and being 59 cm in length, the sledge can be easily transported and is ready when you are as soon as it snows. The high-quality, cold-resistant (to minus 20°C) synthetic material manufactured with a hollow body means that it is highly durable. Its robust construction allows loads of up to 100 kg.  
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