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BIG Power Worker Maxi Digger

Children love to dig. With the BIG Power Worker Maxi Digger this is not only child's play but great fun. Because the new digger has many exciting extras. The arm of the digger moves in all directions, and shovel has the same functionality of its bigger brothers. The Maxi Digger is ideal for loading the large BIG Power Worker Maxi Truck. It is equipped with a large seat so that the little worker sits comfortably while working on the building project, and can be rotated 360 degrees as required. Its true-to-the-original design makes this super-strong construction vehicle an eye-catcher on little construction sites. It is specially tailored to the ergonomics of the small hands of a child. The hard-wearing soft tyres are a special extra that are kind to floor coverings. The BIG Power Worker Maxi Digger is made in Germany using high-quality plastic materials, and tested for safety by TÜV Rheinland in accordance with strict guidelines. This is verified with the GS certificate.    
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The Aquafant from BIG guarantees cool refreshment on hot days for children aged three years and over. Thanks to the standardised hose connection, the elephant-shaped toy water sprinkler can be fitted to all common garden hosepipes. Depending on the water pressure, water can spray up to a height of two metres through the trunk. A small red mouse sits on top of the elephant's head. It rotates 360 degrees, spraying water in all directions. So much water fun is infectious, and the BIG Aquafant even wiggles its ears. The UV-resistant and environmentally-friendly plastic material ensures hours of active fun. The BIG Aquafant is made in Germany. Please note: the optimum play function of the BIG Aquafant is achieved with a water pressure from 2 bar.
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The BIG-Baby-Slide with a chute length of 118 cm can be assembled in seconds flat using the BIG tool supplied. This high-quality slide meets all the safety requirements for the protection of children. The sturdy design can withstand a load of up to 50 kg. Large grip handles and non-slip steps enable even younger children to join in the fun. A handrail on both sides of the slide provides safety when the little ones are sliding down. The wide legs prevent the slide from tipping over.  
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Children love water. They often play for hours on the shores of a lake or in a small stream. The small captains can now look forward to sharing a paddling adventure with their parents. The BIG Bobby Boat is an absolutely unique toy for the first paddling forays. It is made of high-quality polyethylene and suitable for children from 4 to 8 years. The robust canoe is made in Germany using a unique production process. It is resistant to salt water and weatherproof, the maximum loading capacity is 35 kg and the lower stern offers maximum protection against capsizing. The knurled pattern on the inner surface of the canoe ensures young water sports enthusiasts have a comfortable and safe non-slip seat. To guarantee safe transportation, the BIG Bobby Boat is equipped with four safety handles and an easy-to-store handle. The canoe is supplied with a 2-piece double-blade paddle. 
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With its attractive, non-tipping design and cheerful bright colours, the BIG-Fun-Slide is guaranteed to provide kids with lots of playtime fun both in the home and garden. With a chute length of 152 cm, the BIG-Fun-Slide is the ideal toy for all those little slide fans. With particularly wide steps, which are only a small distance apart and an easy-grip handrail, kids will find this slide extremely easy to climb. The high sidewalls ensure a good hold whilst sliding. The height of the BIG-Fun-Slide and therefore the angle of inclination can be quickly and easily adjusted. And the BIG-Fun-Slide is also a big hit when it comes to assembly: this super slide can be assembled in next to no time using the BIG special tool supplied. This slide has tremendous play value and can be folded away for easy storage.
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It is great fun to rock with this funny elephant! The BIG-Rocking-Elephant has two big handelbars and an ergonomic low-lying seat with high back for excellent sitting comfort. It is perfect for indoor and outdoor because of its premium UV-stabilized plastic material and easy cleaning. The wide foot rest offers the little players aged 1 and up safety hold.
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The BIG-Sammy-Rocker provides plenty of play options. Whether kids want to rock on their own, in twos or even threes, the ingenious rocking and seated surface with a low centre of gravity guarantees safety and maximum playtime fun. Sturdy handles ensure a safe hold even when the rocking gets boisterous and the scales on this dino's back will reliably prevent the rocking from getting too wild. The BIG-Sammy-Rocker is manufactured from environmentally-friendly, high-tensile plastic and is suitable for use in the nursery and garden. Just like all the other toys from BIG, the BIG-Sammy-Rocker features the very best in design: this cute dinosaur will soon become a much-loved member of the family.  
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