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BIG Bloxx Bob the Builder Muck

The BIG-Bloxx Bob the Builder Muck playset is used by busy young construction workers to load, dig and build. Even though he often acts before thinking, everyone has a soft spot for the endearing and extremely hard-working digger-dumper truck, as he always wants to make everyone happy. Muck can be found wherever digging, loading and unloading is done. Children aged 2 to 5 years can use the vehicle bricks to easily and quickly assemble their hero from the popular TV series. Besides the detailed replica digger-dumper truck with a large front bucket and moving dump bed, the set also includes a large, transportable and two smaller containers filled with construction materials. The building brick set consists of 29 pieces.   Copyright: © HIT Entertainment Limited and Keith Chapman
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BIG-Bloxx Bob the Builder Shifter

The BIG-Bloxx Bob the Builder “Shifter” playset is a must-have for all fans of the popular children's TV series.  Because how on earth should loads be raised and lowered without the busy little Shifter? The robust and strong forklift truck is one of the most helpful members of Bob’s team. Young fans of the series can use him to effortlessly transport, lift and lower loads over and over again. The cheerful vehicle is easy to assemble and features a movable platform. The building brick set consists of 16 pieces and, besides Shifter, includes a base plate, a pallet, two fences, a canister and bricks. The set comes in a handy storage container which is sealed with the base plate.  Once the little ones have done playing, the bricks can be stored in the container, also ensuring everything stays together when taking the set on trips.   Copyright: © HIT Entertainment Limited and Keith Chapman
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