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BIG-Bloxx Maya School

Now learning is fun! In the beautiful classroom Maya and Willy learn all sorts of important things. The school set consists of 68 parts and, in addition to a large base plate, it includes various tables, chairs, a teacher's desk and a clock. The set also includes the figures of Maya and Willy. BIG-Bloxx Maja School is made of high-quality plastic. The set can be rebuilt over and over in lots of different versions. There are easy to understand assembly instructions on the side flaps of the packaging to help you assemble it like the original. The high-quality BIG-Bloxx building brick construction sets can be used by children aged 18 months to 5 years to enter the world of the cheeky, adventurous little bee Maya. All the sets can be played with separately, but when combined, they create an extensive world of fun and games featuring the popular stars of the TV series. The detailed figures are true replicas of their original counterparts. All the playsets are based on characters from the popular TV series and allow children to create their own adventures after watching the cartoons. All BIG-Bloxx sets can be combined with other well-known building bricks.   Copyright: Nach Waldemar Bonsels “Die Biene Maja” “Maya the Bee”. © Studio 100 Animation ® Studio 100 –
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