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Potty training is a stage of children's development that requires understanding, love and time. Parents need to exercise patience, not pressure. Every child has his or her own speed. From now on, potty training can be relaxed and stress-free with the BIG-Baby-Potty - because the fun potty incorporated into the BIG-Bobby-Car design makes potty training fun too. With its similarity to the popular BIG-Bobby-Car-Classic, the bright red potty with turning steering wheel has an almost magical attraction for young children. The child-friendly seat with high backrest makes even the longest training sessions comfortable and relaxed. Once the deed's been done, Mummy or Daddy can be summoned quickly by sounding the horn on the steering wheel. And the potty is perfect for parents too. There's an anti-spray feature to stop anything from missing the potty and a separate insert to make light work of cleaning the mini-toilet. The steering wheel is easy to remove, as is the insert which features a handle on the back rest. Top quality and the latest "Made in Germany" manufacturing technology ensure the long-lasting durability of the BIG-Baby-Potty. The high quality plastic is very easy to clean. The BIG-Baby-Potty is suitable for children aged 2 years and over.
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Say goodbye to wobbly attempts at washing or cleaning teeth on tiptoes. The BIG-Baby-Splash is the ideal wash basin for children and is perfectly adapted to the needs of tiny tots. It can be easily attached to the edge of standard bathtubs by means of adjustable mounting clamps that do not require any screwing. In the folding mirror with its shatterproof surface the children can check whether or not their teeth and face are really clean. Included in the set is a funny toothbrush cup with the BIG Bobby Car motif, which can be safely stored away in one of the two holders. Subsequently, the water can be easily emptied from the basin through the drain in the centre. All that is needed is to open the soft plastic closure. After folding down the mirror, the wash basin can be stored away. The BIG-Baby-Splash teaches children how to wash themselves and clean their teeth through play – a big step on their way to growing up! The wash basin is suitable for children from the age of twelve months and is made from robust and hard-wearing plastic, which can be easily cleaned. Humorous Little Bobby designs/motifs make the kiddies’ wash basin particularly attractive. Two rotating clamps on the underside further allow the basin to be placed on any level surface.
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